Buffalo Plaid and Herringbone Vest

Buffalo Plaid and Herringbone Vest

I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for the perfect J Crew Herringbone vest. I mean everywhere. For months. It has been THE vest the past couple years! Unfortunately, on a teacher’s salary, I just can’t justify paying so much money for the “real deal”. So, for the past year, I’ve searched all over the world, it seems, for the perfect Herringbone vest duplicate. I came close to one at TJ Maxx, but not quite. I finally found one I love via Groopdealz, and for only around $30!

Unfortunately, by nature of the Groopdealz site, the Herringbone vest was only on a flash sale for a day or two. But if you keep your eye out on their website, checking frequently, I’m sure they will return!  I’ve also seen them pop up on Between these two sites, I’m sure you’ll find a Herringbone vest!

I’m loving buffalo plaid this season- I think the bold colors and pattern stand out so pretty against a white, wintery background. This shirt from Mindy Mae’s Market is perfect- it even has the cutest polka dot accents on the collar and arm cuffs for the perfect amount of pattern mixing.  Pairing this shirt and vest just felt natural- and as soon as I put this outfit on, I knew it would be making its rounds frequently this winter!

I’ve worn these red Hunter boots before on the blog, and I’m finding more and more ways to incorporate them into my everyday wardrobe.  They really have been so practical to buy (and worth the steep price tag– eek!), especially since I live in northern Utah and have snow 6 months of the year.  I almost bought the black (safe decision, right??) but last second, I was brave and bought the red! I’m so glad I did. I really love the pop of color and bright statement they make in any outfit.

Let’s talk about this coat for a sec. Again- I’m having an obsession with plaid this year. Especially red plaid of any design. Once I saw this wool pea coat I knew it had to be mine. Luckily I had Super Cash at the moment, and was able to get it for a steal of a deal. Love the red against the white snow (and lets not forget it matched my hunter boots perf).

Herringbone Vest and Buffalo Plaid

Herringbone Vest and Buffalo Plaid 2

Plaid Pea Coat 2

Herringbone Vest and Buffalo Plaid 3

Herringbone Vest and Buffalo Plaid 5

Herringbone Vest and Buffalo Plaid 4

Plaid Pea Coat


Herringbone Vest and buffalo plaid 7

Plaid Pea Coat 3

Get this look!

Pea Coat: Old Navy (here and here)  ||   Buffalo Plaid Top: Mindy Mae’s Market (loving this cheaper dupe here!)  ||  J Crew Herringbone Vest Dupe: Groopdealz (similar here and here)  ||  Rain Boots: Hunter (A little cheaper via Amazon!)  ||  Black Beanie: Target (old) Love this one

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— Keara


  • rainydayprepster
    November 30, 2014 at 7:39 am

    Great outfit! Especially love your Hunter Boots! I have 5 pairs myself, just got the red ones last month. They are an amazing set of boots arent they? Youd look really cute in a pink or yellow pair too!

  • rainydayprepster
    December 2, 2014 at 7:41 am

    I love how simple yet stylish your hunters are! The pop of red is amazing! I have 5 pairs of hunters myself. Youd look really cute in a pinkor yellow pair too!

    • Keara
      December 9, 2014 at 8:58 pm

      Thank you! I love them! I hope to get more colors too- pink is probably my next choice! xoxo

  • Anxhela (Angie)
    February 17, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    Love it. Not only is it a lot of great colors but in all that snow it makes you look so cozy and warm. You are like a ball of sunshine. Make me want to go buy a plaid pea coat.

    I just discovered your blog and you are quite the stylish and modest lady. :D I like that you are taping into a part of the fashion blog community that is very limited. I am modest as well, and I feel that us modest dressers are more classic wearers than anything else. We like pieces that make us not only look good but shows of our great and kind personalities.

    On another note your Instagram photos are amazing. Can you please, pretty please, do a behind the scenes on how you take those amazing outfit selfies. Like the birds eye view or from where I stand type thing where you still get the whole outfit in the shot. Or is your secret that you have really long arms like a Fantastic four superhero, or are you in the selfie stick bandwagon.

    For the life of me, I can not master that skill of the angled whole outfit selfie (curse my short arms and chubbiness) and it makes me so sad. :( I feel like I am doing Instagram gymnastic trying to take outfit selfies like yours and those of similar bloggers. LOL. Really would appreciate it. Keep up the good work and though math is my least favorite subjects I have friends who teach it as well and hope that this generation of kids are just as smart if not more so than us millennials. Toodles.


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