Christmas Outfit

This Christmas, I found a BEAUTIFUL skirt to wear to all my Christmas Parties. I found it from for a steal of a deal. The skirt is a midi skirt- so it hits the middle of your calves. I am fairly short (5’3″) so I feel like I have to wear heels with this skirt so my legs aren’t so truncated. (But who’s complaining, right??)

I paired the skirt with a white short-sleaved sweater which has some light sequin touches to it to help give it more of that holiday look. I also HAD to add my crystal lattice necklace- the necklace looks like snowflakes… How can you not wear it for the holidays?! Hope you enjoy the outfit!



image {Details}

– Red midi skirt: Choies

– White sequined sweater: Old Navy

– Crystal Lattice necklace (Jcrew duplicate): eBay


What are some of your favorite holiday outfits? Let me know below!!

2 Thoughts on “Christmas Outfit

  1. What a cute skirt! I’m scared of red for some reason, but this skirt…I love it!!


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