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Instagram Favorite Outfit Ideas

Having started my “fashion journey” on Instagram, I only took pictures of my favorite outfit styles and ideas for instagram, and usually only one photo, which is not enough to make an entire blog post out of.  A lot of the pictures are from weird and awkward “selfie” angles, which work great for Instagram, but don’t look as good on a blog.  Now that I have started focusing on blogging as well as Instagram, I will be better at making sure I get enough good pictures for both my blog and instagram…. but what about all those old outfits that I still love?? They are still great, so I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite past outfit ideas from Instagram with you on the blog today!

Instagram Outfit Favorites:


Outfit Details:
Sweater: Down East Basics | Shirt: Old Navy | Necklace: Brina Box | Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Outfit Details:
Jacket: Charlotte Russe | Shirt: H&M | Pants: Old Navy | Necklace: Ebay


Outfit Details:
Jacket: Thrifted | Shirt & Skirt: Old Navy | Heels: Forever 21 | Necklace: Brina Box


Outfit Details:
Sweater: Old Navy (girl’s section) | Shirt: Old Navy | Necklace: Brina Box


Outfit Details:
Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Rue 21 | Necklace: Brina Box | Shoes: Payless


Outfit Details:
Shirt: Rue 21 | Pants: Bella Me Boutique | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Necklace: Brina Box


Outfit Details:
Shirt: Gordman’s | Skirt: Bella Me Boutique | Shoes: Go Jane | Necklace: Brina Box

Hope you enjoy these looks as much as I did! Which one is your favorite? Let me know below!

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