Everly’s Baby Blessing Day

So, I’m a horrible mom (or rather a horrible blogger haha) and I realized I never posted about Everly’s baby blessing day! It was such a beautiful day with all of our family! Cory gave her such a sweet blessing.

Does anyone else get “pre” mom guilt? Is that a thing?? I wasn’t going to do much for her blessing day, but then I started feeling guilty about it haha. Like, what if she looks back on photos and doesn’t think I cared?? So, I went all out- Balloon arch and everything. But I do love how it turned out! It was so pretty.

Everly’s Baby Blessing Day

Everly's Baby Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing
Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing
Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing
Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing
Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing
Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing
Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing
Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing

The Decorations

We had our little celebration on our back patio underneath our pergola. It was such a nice fall day! Of course it was a mad rush after church to get back and finish setting all the food up while all of our guests were arriving. I didn’t get photos before everyone ate, so our food layout looks a little bare- but I promise we all ate haha.

The wind picked up while we were at church too, and was blew my balloon arch all over the place. We had a few of them pop in the wind while we were gone as well. Lesson learned that I should get photos before the even starts…. but we did our best. There were a lot more gold balloons in the arch than it looks in the photos, but somehow the wind blew them all to the other side of the arch in the pictures haha.

For the theme, I chose a white and pale gold, with touches of greenery for the decorations. Because Everly was getting blessed, I thought my cute “blessed” farmhouse sign would be a cute touch on the table! I also am a fan of balloon arches, so I went all out with a white and gold balloon arch. It was actually a lot easier to put together than I thought it would be, and the kit came with a roll of plastic threading for the balloons, and little sticky tape to stick the small balloons around the arch. I ordered the extra large balloons separately, but I love the look of the three different sizes together.

On the table, I used a white table cloth. A good, white fabric table cloth will always come in handy at any other celebrations we may have, and will be good to have on hand, so I bought this new one. I topped it with a pale gold sequin table runner, and tucked greenery underneath for a nice touch.

The Food

My sweet dad smoked pulled pork for everyone, so I am no help with the recipe there. But we had pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw and barbecue sauce. I love me a good pulled pork sandwich!

The Treats

For our desserts, we served this amazing Strawberry Shortcakes recipe from the Completely Delicious blog. Her recipe reminds me of the strawberry shortcake dessert at the Cheesecake Factory, with traditional sweet biscuits instead of cake. We made homemade whip cream to top off the strawberries as well, and it was so delicious!

best-strawberry-shortcakes-7 LDS Baby Blessing

We also made Lemon Bars (I’m a sucker for lemon desserts), and they were so yummy! I don’t think I baked mine long enough though, they came out kind of goopy, but they still tasted amazing. If I wasn’t careful, I could eat the whole pan!

Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing

Everly’s Baby Blessing Dress

Everly's Blessing Day LDS Baby Blessing

I looked at a lot of places before buying Everly’s dress. There are some really beautiful dresses out there! Some were so expensive, and I just couldn’t bite the bullet for a dress she would only wear for maybe an hour. On Instagram, I asked for recommendations from you guys, and you came through! A lot of you recommended Amazon, which never even crossed my mind to look at. But they have some gorgeous dresses in the $20-$50 range, which is what I was looking for. After scouring all the reviews on a few that I liked, we ended up with this one:

The quality is so great, and the lace is beautiful. I am also a fan of the classic bonnet look, but if you aren’t, they also have a headband/bow option! Here are a few other dresses I looked at as well. Some are more of a crochet lace, and some are the really long, “cathedral” style dresses, depending on your style! But they are all at great price points:

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