DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins

Today I am bringing you a fun and easy DIY dollar store bohemian pumpkins tutorial. Anyone can make these, and they have such a fun and unique vibe to add to your Halloween/Fall decor!

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins Tutorial

My inspiration came from the cute Moroccan poufs that seem to have taken over every interior design account I’ve seen on Insta. You can also see how the cute Marissa from Quartz & Leisure painted similar real pumpkins to be like the Moroccan Poufs!

I also own one of these poufs, and love the boho flair it adds to my living room! And guess what- pumpkins are kinda the same shape! So why not paint one? At first I was going to paint it on a real pumpkin, but then I thought of how that pumpkin would rot and be thrown out in just a few short weeks… and that is way too much effort for something going in the trash, haha. So I stopped at the dollar store to see if they had a pumpkin I could paint instead! I’m pretty sure they have these same styrofoam pumpkins every year!

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins Tutorial

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 1: Paint your base color(s).

I painted three pumpkins, and decided to do the classic tan color, along with black and beige. Depending on the paint you use and it’s opacity, you may have to do several layers. I needed two coats of each base color to cover up the orange styrofoam. I used cheap acrylic paints that you can pick up in any craft store or even Walmart. To achieve to color of tan I wanted, I mixed together a brown paint and a lighter camel-colored paint.

Step 2: Begin painting a zigzag around the pumpkin.

Depending on the base color, you will pick an appropriate color for the patterns. I chose white paint for the black and tan pumpkins, and black for my beige one.

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins Tutorial

Step 3: Paint connecting lines from the top point of each zigzag towards the top of the pumpkin.

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins Tutorial Step 4: Begin painting a pattern on the top of the pumpkin, between the lines you painted in Step 3.

Here you can take some creative license. I didn’t want to attempt the actual pattern along the top of the real moroccan poufs, so I used diamond and dot shapes to create a similar affect. You can keep it plain, or make it more intricate, depending on the look you are going for. I did all three of my pumpkins a little different.

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins Tutorial

Step 5: Paint lines coming down from the bottom points of each zigzag.

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins Tutorial

Step 6: Paint the stems (if desired- I painted my stems a light tan color) and add any additional touches to your design!

You can see below the differences I did in each pumpkin. I added extra dots to the top of the black one, and add dots inside the zigzags of both the beige and black pumpkins. DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkin Tutorial

Ta-Da! You finished your own adorable DIY dollar store bohemian pumpkins!
DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins Tutorial DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Pumpkins Tutorial

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