Fall Wardrobe Staples: Trenchcoat & Blanket Scarf

You guys, I’m sorry it has been soon long since I last posted! I started a new teaching job at a local High School, and I’ve been so busy getting my classroom ready and then focusing on teaching, somehow it has been two months since I’ve posted! But don’t worry, I’ve got some great posts planned for fall wardrobe staples. I’ve picked some of my favorite fall trends that are classic pieces that you will get a lot of mileage and use from in your closet!

Trench coat and Blanket Scarf

Two of the pieces I have styled today are a classic khaki trench coat and a plaid blanket scarf.  Trench coats are a great piece to own because you can wear them throughout the year. They transition season to season very nicely, and they never go out of style. They are a great purchase and I think everyone should own one! No matter your outfit, if you throw on a trench coat, your classiness gets bumped up like three hundred points.

Blanket scarves have been a huge trend the last few years, and I’m not sure they are going anywhere anytime soon.  They can seem really intimidating at first because of their size, but as soon as you try one on, you’ll see what all the rave is about! They are so comfortable.  And they get their name because they really are as big as a small blanket! My favorite time to wear one is to the movie theaters, because I unfold it and use it as a blanket during the movie… haha (I can’t be the only one who freezes through movies, right??). Because of their size, blanket scarves are a statement piece. Throw one on over a pain t-shirt and jeans, and you will look fab. They are so easy to add flare to your fall wardrobe!

I paired my trench coat and blanket scarf with a striped shirt and a leopard print bag with some booties. Like I said before, the blanket scarf is a statement piece, so I didn’t want to go too crazy with everything else. But if you’ve been following along with me for awhile, you’ll know I love to mix patterns! So that’s what I did here with the plaid, stripes, and leopard print.

Fall fashion 2015 - Plaid blanket scarf, trench coat, leopard print bag!


Love the pattern mixing- plaid, stripes and leopard!

Oversized plaid blanket scarf for fall!

Fall fashion 101: Plaid scarf, trench coat, and pattern mixing!

Ah! This leopard print purse is too perfect!

Trench coat, blanket scarf, and pattern mixing for the win! Fall fashion.

Love this cute leopard print bag!

Blanket Scarf, trench coat, stripes and leopard! So cute!

Shop this look!

Plaid Blanket Scarf: Zara (Similar one at StyleGirl Boutique and get 20% off your order with my code MODESTSTYLE) ||  Trench Coat: Forever 21 (Old, but similar one here, here and here!)||  Booties: From a local boutique- loving these even more though! || Leopard Purse: Old from Wet Seal (similar ones herehere and here!) || Striped Top: Old Navy (old, similar here!)

Pro Tip: You can find almost exact same blanket scarves at for really cheap on their daily deals! Check them out often if you already haven’t!

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— Keara



  • Diana Poulter
    October 20, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    I love your style! :)

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