Picking a Swimsuit for your Body Type

Picking a Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Hi girls! I’m really excited about today’s post! I’ve teamed up with some great bloggers and companies today and have the best giveaway planned for tonight! Seven Peaks, Lime Ricki, and Called to Surf helped bring this post to life, along with Michelle from the Mumsy Blog and Emily from Modest Goddess Blog.  We are all posting today about how to pick a swimsuit for your body type!

Swimsuit shopping is the worst, amiright??? I don’t think I even know one person that loves to go shopping for swimsuits.  And can I blame them?? With all of the perfectly photoshopped bodies and unrealistic standards being shoved down our throats everywhere we turn about how we “should” look, it is always hard to go stand inside a dressing room trying on swim suits that are unforgiving and show every detail.

BUT LADIES.  None of us are perfect! We all have insecurities. But that shouldn’t hold us back from enjoying time with our friends and families in the summer.  I would hate for any of you to sit on the side lines, all covered up, while others are out in the water.  So, today I want you to stop thinking thoughts about how you wish this love handles were gone, how much you hate your stretch marks and cellulite, or how you wish you had that infamous thigh gap. Is it important to be healthy and workout? Yes. But that includes being healthy in your spirit and being happy with yourself! So no more putting yourself down! This summer, you are going to rock an adorable swimsuit wherever you’re at, and have the time of your life!

So, for me, I’m insecure about my pear shaped body. I definitely have some junk in the trunk haha.  All of the women in my family are that way. Even if I lost a whole bunch of weight, I think my body is just designed with bigger hips, thighs and a round derrière haha. But do you know who else is a pear shape? Beyonce, J.Lo, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  So, I think I can live with that.

Tips for a Pear Shape

Because my hips are larger, I like to make my tops balance out the bottom. Frills, beading, ruching- anything that can draw the attention to our top is our friend. And there are plenty of swimsuits with these details! That’s one of the reasons I love peplum swimsuits (although I am convinced that peplum suits look good on every body type- literally).

Also, another trick is putting bright colors where you want to focus on, and not as bright colors on places where you want to minimize.  Use color theory to your advantage. Visually speaking, light hues expand and dark colors condense.  So, this lime green peplum top from Lime Ricki was perfect for me- it balanced out the width from my hips, and the bright color brought attention up top.

But, because of the nature of swimsuits, most will be bright colored no matter what! So the bottoms I chose, even though they have a fun bright pattern on them, they still aren’t as bright as the top.

Summing it up, fellow Pears:

  • Balance out a bottom-heavy figure with bold colors or patterns on top that draw the eye upward.
  • Use color theory to help draw attention to places you want to emphasize, and minimize others.
  • Watch out for cuts like boy shorts that hit straight across the thigh, making them appear wider, and look for suits with higher-cut leg-lines instead (but not too high, amiright).

Want to know some more tricks for picking a swimsuit for your body type? Head over to Michelle’s blog post and Emily’s blog post to read more! And, do you want to know something amazing?? Michelle had a baby just a couple weeks ago! And look at her rock her swimsuit!

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| Pics by Roxana B. Photography |

Shop this Swimsuit look!

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BIG THANKS to Seven Peaks for hosting us and taking part in this awesome giveaway! Stay tuned to my Instagram at 7:00 MST for a great giveaway to Seven Peaks and LimeRicki!!

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